Source Code and DevGuide - How to Back Up VisualHub/AudialHub - Original Closing Page

macOS 10.15 Catalina no longer supports 32-bit apps, including Techspansion's entire library.

Taking a very brief break from death to announce...
Lion Updaters are now available!
Users Guide included!
Click each icon to begin the download.

Also, click here to learn more about an unofficial experimental speed boost for VisualHub!


These one-step updaters will fix a show-stopper bug preventing registration from working in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion through macOS 10.14 Mojave.
They do not add new features, and are available as-is for those still using VisualHub and AudialHub on older systems.
I hope this update squeezes a little more life out of these two apps for you.

It's been over ten years since Techspansion closed and these programs were last maintained.
VisualHub and AudialHub are no longer supported.

Here are directions on how to back up VisualHub and AudialHub for safe keeping:
How to Back Up VisualHub and AudialHub
(iSquint is self-contained. just copy the app itself)

Wait, what's all this about?
Since VisualHub broke in Lion, I thought it would be a nice gesture back in 2011 to dig into the old code, make the slight tweak needed to keep it running, and make that tweak available to long-time users and fans who still cared.
It turns out that doing something like that brings about a public spat with your former reseller, and causes a very visible and vocal debate to break out over intellectual property and the ownership/use of customer data.
Oh well. Live and learn.

So does this mean you're going back in business?!?
What? No.

I upgraded my computer, and now VisualHub (and AudialHub, iSquint, etc) won't run at all anymore!
macOS 10.15 Catalina removes support for older 32-bit apps, including the entire Techspansion library of products. You may have noticed your Mac warning about this over the past year or so. These apps will only run on macOS 10.14 and earlier.

So what happens now?
This is very sad, but it didn't come as a shock. The registration updater from 2011 for Mac OS X 10.7 through macOS 10.14 was the last update there will ever be.
VisualHub is inherently a 32-bit app, and newer releases of macOS have ended 32-bit compatibility. After literally 10 years, you'll finally need to move on.

ok but what if you replace the executable with--
Look, man. I'm sorry. But we've reached the end.

I want to run the update, but VisualHub says my Registration Code is invalid!
Actually, that's what the updater fixes. You don't need to enter your registration code before running the updater.

The updater says it "can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer."
Right-click (or Ctrl-click) the updater and select "Open".
These updaters (and VisualHub itself) were created before Apple registered developers were even a thing.

I want to run the update, but VisualHub says my Serial Number doesn't work!
...That's what the updater fixes! You don't need to enter your registration code before running the updater! Just download and launch the updater from the top of this page.

VisualHub won't take my Registration code!
Aren't you paying attention? You need to run the updater. Ignore VisualHub for a second and run the updater at the top of this page.
On second Just click this link. It's closer and you won't get lost.

Hey, I got this problem with VisualHub. Can you help me solve it?
Eh. Probably not. (but if it's about registration issues, that's what the Lion update fixes)
If you really want to send an e-mail somewhere, you're welcome to...but you may not get the answer you're looking for. VisualHub hasn't been sold or supported in a decade, and Techspansion has only been brought back to life to deliver this update. It's already dead again.

Can I ask Kagi?
No. Kagi does not provide support for VisualHub. And Kagi doesn't even exist anymore.

I think you and/or the things you did are awesome. Can I give you money?
For VisualHub? Absolutely not. Techspansion is closed. I can't in good conscience accept any payments on behalf of it, nor make any new sales.
My dad and I think you should donate to Marklund - a charity that cares for developmently-disabled people of all ages.
If you still have money left over, I hear that FlashFrozen is pretty cool, too.

I want to take the reigns of VisualHub and ride for glory!
Sounds like fun. The source code to each project is available on SourceForge with different non-Techspansion names.
They're GPLv2, so you'd have to work publicly and release your source too.
You'll need to rock Xcode 3.x on an old Mac OS X system, unless you rewrite it all in AppleScriptObjC or pure Cocoa.
Check out the developer guide over there. It may help a bit.

How come you hand-write all your HTML?
Because Adobe PageMill is too old and everything else makes crappy code.

I dislike one or more of the decisions you've made.

Thanks for going through the effort to do this after all these years!
Anytime! You're welcome.

-Tyler Loch, Fearless Leader

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